Your customized Reformer program developed in your private programming sessions introduces cues, blindspots and best exercises for your posture and goals. Members click below to follow the Circuit Reformer Program



The Springboard works to rebalance and realign while challenging your core connection.   Learn to maintain pelvic stability, shoulder stability, work within a safe range of motion and connect to your strength and power from your core.

Stability Chair


The Stability Chair builds spinal strength and integrity and identifies and builds strength in stabilizing muscles.  The Chair has increased levels of challenge to core and strength and posture.

Cardio Trampoline & Jumpboard


Amp up the Cardio and Core in your workout with the Cardio Trampoline or Jumpboard.  Work with your SOL Instructor in your private training to develop a program on this equipment.  Please make us aware of any knees issues that are current or any previous history. 



Add Balance, Stability and Strength Training to your Circuit program with props such as the BOSU, weights and flex bands.  Ask your SOL instructor in your private training to include this in your Circuit program or draw from your knowledge from SOL Pilates Strength Flow classes.

Arc Barrel


The Arc Barrel adds in new positioning for Pilates Foundation Mat exercises enhancing the results to the core and gluts.

Specialized Programming for Rehab

Kyphosis & Upper Back


The upper back or thoracic spine is important for posture.  Kyphosis is a hypermobiliy of the thoracic spine into flexion and there is a Pilates program to transform this area.  Follow this link for at home mat practices as well as Pilates Equipment based programming.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt


  The position of the pelvis is based on the balance of muscles of the back, thighs, gluts and core.  Your SOL instructor will assess and then create programming to rebalance and realign the pelvis and hips.  This level of detail is the game changer for posture and health.



  Shoulder issues usually arise from poor posture and weak core and back muscles.  In addition to therapy such as physio and chiro, you need to strengthen muscles, lengthen muscles and improve the support system to bring the shoulder biomechanics to balance.

Knee Pain


 Let's keep these knees healthy for life!  It's all about movement and stability patterns.  Pilates cueing changes your approach to movement to keep the knees healthy and supported.  There are muscle patterns and fascial lines that bring the knee into alignment with the ankle and the hips!  Once you learn this you'll eliminate all that wear and tear on the knees!

Foot Biomechanics


 Who knew that our feet impact so much!  Weight bearing biases and movement patterns impact which muscles you are using to mobilize and stabilize all the way up the line of the body.  Learn about gait patterns, and core integration to change the way your body tones and moves.  Strengthening the feet impacts issues such as plantar fasciitis, sciatica, low back pain, knee pain and on and on...

Back Pain


  You know it's all about your core strength, but most people haven't gained a full appreciation or awareness of what core strength is, what it feels like, and how to keep it working for you all day long.  Work smart when it comes to core activation, posture and movement and you will eliminate tension and pain in the body!