Posture & Alignment


Posture and alignment are key to resolve tension and injuries.  Using closed and open kinetic chains and the Reformer you will be able to strengthen, move and improve flexibility with proper alignment.

Sports & Biomechanics


Performance and sports requires proper biomechanics and muscle firing patterns to enhance power, strength, resilience and endurance.  SOL's instructors work with you to improve your sports-specific biomechanics.

Injury & Rehab


Injuries impact our posture and movement patterns and rehab must incorporate not only focused work on the injured area but also on the compensating patterns your posture and movements patterns have developed.

Fitness, Strength & Toning


A balanced approach to fitness improves endurance, strength and toning when the muscles are being used in a balanced way!  This is why Pilates is so effective as part of your fitness regime!  No other approach is as intelligent at getting you to work effectively!

Cardio & Calories


The right approach to cardio energizes you and enhances your metabolism and doesn't create wear and tear on the joints.  Ensuring your cardio isn't fatiguing you or creating unwanted stress on the body is what Pilates can do!

Movement & Flexibility


Our movement patterns  are impacted by muscles surrounding joints.  When muscles are balanced we move better and flexibility is achieved!  No need to overstretch a weak muscle!  Just rebalance and we move easily!